The Best Cleaning Products When You Have Children

When it comes to cleaning products/cleaners there are so many different options to choose from.

Usually after a few months to years of having your own space you will begin to develop your own likes and dislikes for certain products.

It becomes quite difficult to find the right products for your home when you begin to add children to the house.

For a little cleaning background, I have had experiences with almost every house. I have lived in an apartment, a mobile home, a modern brick home, and now a log cabin with full logs inside and out. Being a stay at home mom, I clean something every single day.

As Clean As It Comes:

I have to keep a very clean home. To specify why, my son and husband have asthma. With both of them having asthma, it means I have to stay on top of my household to keep the least amount of dust in our house as possible.

I have a few cleaning supplies that I am going to tell you about today. These are serious lifesavers for me. These products are used in my household multiple times throughout the day. If you have kids you may want to stock up on these, especially the first one I am going to name.

Top Cleaning Products I Use Daily with Kids:

  • Clorox Wipes
    • I use so many of these every single day. From wiping up my counters from spills to formula and so on. I usually buy 2 3 packs of these a week to stay stocked on them.
  • A Compact Vacuum
    • I use this on almost all my furniture daily to easily get all the little crumbs up from the end tables and couch.
  • Magic Eraser
    • I use this constantly from dirty walls to food stuck on the dining room table. It works wonderful for a little bit of everything.
  • Air Freshener
    • I have three across my house. These are the fresheners you can buy at Walmart. I easily twist the top off and put cans of whatever smell I choose in them. I can even set at what speed rate I would like for them to go off. These help so much to keep my house smelling decent at all times.
  • 409 Carpet Cleaner
    • This last product is the best for any type of carpet. I use this on drink spills on my pillows, rugs, and regular carpets.

In Conclusion

When you have kids, your house is never going to stay spotless.

I use these so much because every kid is going to make some kind of mess every day and so are you.

From drink spills to just a messy countertop from cooking, these products save me so much time. The more time you save cleaning, the more time you have to relax and enjoy with the kids.

Don’t stress over the small stuff, because they are only little once.

I hope this helps when trying to find good cleaning supplies.


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