How To Plan A 1st Birthday Party

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Your little’s 1st birthday party is a big moment. Your little one is about to hit the 1 year old marker and it is a huge milestone for you and your baby.

When this day begins to darken your doorstep I am sure you will consistently hear comments about your babies big day.

Whether it is something like ” he/she won’t even remember it” to “it came so fast”, someone will always have an opinion on what you should do for your little one.

I am going to give you a few tips when it comes to planning your babies 1st birthday party.

Before I start with my tips, I am going to tell you what I did for my son’s 1st birthday party.

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Picking Out a Theme

For his birthday, I picked his theme 4 months in advance.

His theme was Paw Patrol.

He absolutely loved the show when he was a baby and danced to the theme song on his knees when he started crawling.

A week after I decided on his theme, I ordered his cake and matching smash cake. With it being from a private bakery I guaranteed a slot ordering it early. So thankfully, I wasn’t running last minute trying to find someone available.

Starting 3 months before his birthday, I started looking around to see which places had the lowest prices for his themed decorations.

Slowly, I bought a little here and there so I wasn’t completely breaking my account trying to get it all at once.

I decided not to listen to other people’s opinions when it came to his birthday except for his father.

We ended up having the best time and my child seemed to thoroughly enjoy it.

We even had a little bouncy house for him and all the kids at the party to play on.

So here are my few tips to you planning:

  • Start planning it early.
    • The earlier you plan it, the more time you have to clean your house, if that’s where you choose to have it. Then you can spend the moments up to their birthday enjoying the little moments with them.
  • Do what you feel is best!
    • The best advice I can give is to go with what you feel is right. The saying “Momma knows best” is the most accurate saying there is.
  • Make sure whatever you decide, your little one is going to have a blast
    • It is their 1st birthday, so make sure it is enjoyable for them. You want them to have a great time.

I am sure whatever you end up deciding on your little one is going to love it.

Remember, just because they won’t remember it does not mean they don’t need to experience.

Also, have a great time for yourself. This party is for momma too, you carried and birth that beautiful child a year ago.

Congratulations mommas!


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