How to Get Kids To Do Their Chores

The word chores is an extremely disliked word in my household.

When it comes to helping out around the house, we all know everyone hates chores.

Every person has been through this at some point in their lives.

Every kid will prolong their chores as long as they possibly can.

The Debate

For a parent, it can begin to start frustrating you when your child starts to procrastinate the things that you need done.

As a parent, sometimes I forget what it felt like to be a child.

I hated my parents giving me chores just like most others.

I also think about the help that I need now to keep our house running with it full.

Sometimes I want to give into my kids and just do it myself when I become frustrated. If I do, they will never learn any responsibility, but it can also be convincing that it would just be easier to tell them to forget it and do it yourself.

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I tried all the basics of disciplines, which includes groundings, time outs, and even spankings.

All of them ended up as a fail because they knew eventually it would come to an end if they aggravated me enough.

I have a method that I used to actually accomplish them not prolonging their chores anymore.

They knew after the first time they did not want to go through it again.

Today, I will share this method in hopes of helping another parent out. It is a very simple method, I am sure you can edit this however it fits your household.

I will use the way we used it in my household for an example.

The Method

I gave my kids 3 days and told them if their chores were not done by then there would be consequences.

We decided to get the Monopoly money out to use with the chore consequences.

Once those days were up, I put up the small chart I made to show them what was for who.

They each had their chores that were originally assigned on the chart with their name, but there was also about 10 other chores each child added to their list.

Now, I then took all their remotes and electronics. To get an hour of TV or video games or whatever you deem appropriate, they had to have so many bills of the Monopoly money to redeem that hour.

To earn the Monopoly money they had to do their chores. Each chore ranged with how much money they got and it was wrote on their chart. This was the only way they were able to do anything from watching tv to going outside to going to a friend’s house.

I did this for an entire month with no break.

Every week I changed the chart out and ended up getting a break from housework.

Also to keep them from trying to aggravate me so I would give in, I wrote a not on the chart that said aggravating mom or dad would result in losing any earned money and if none earned they will go into the negative.

This worked extremely well for my household.

After the month was over, I gave them another 3 day chance to do their monthly chores with their freedom. I did not have anymore trouble out of them when it came to chores, even to this day.

In Conclusion

Use this method and your kid will learn how much better it will be to go ahead and do it.

It will be way easier on both parents after their kids learn their lesson.

There should be no more arguing and fighting them to get them to accomplish their chores.

I hope this helps you out when you are having a hard time getting them to do the chores assigned to them.

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