Get Comfortable While Pregnant: Must Haves

Being pregnant can be the best experience to go through, but a pregnancy lower back pain can cause your journey to be painful.

pregnancy lower back pain

The more you grow the pain can become unbearable.

Every woman’s body is different in their own way.

For example, when I was pregnant my stomach blew up so fast that I looked full-term at only about 4 months pregnant.

This can cause you to get uncomfortable.

Today, I am going to try to tell you how to get comfortable while pregnant.

Nausea & Pregnancy Low Back Pain


It does not matter whether you get a small baby bump or a big baby bump.

Having a baby growing inside you is exhausting for all woman.

As the weeks progress, you will begin to feel more pain. By the time I hit my 3rd trimester, I was extremely uncomfortable and ready for him to come already.

I have a few tips to help expecting moms get a little bit of relief. I hope this helps you to be more comfortable through the rest of your pregnancy. Check out my latest post

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Here’s My Top Must Haves to Help Your Lower Back Pain:

  • Buy a pregnancy pillow – This was the best choice I ever made when I was pregnant. I used it while sleeping and through the day on the couch.
    • This was a lifesaver during my pregnancy lower back pain stage. Get it here today while it is discounted.
  • Get Seabands – These were a lifesaver while I was in my nauseous stage of pregnancy. I went from throwing up nonstop to barely even gagging.
    • My nausea caused back pain from constantly being at the toilet throwing up. If this interests you check it out here.
  • A Maternity Belt – When my stomach got bigger this helped throughout the day to relieve some pressure off of my back.
    • Pregnancy lower back pain can be rough, but this belt helps tremendously.

Your Pregnancy Lower Back Pain


All three of these items took a huge load off of myself while I was pregnant.

I will upload a picture under here of myself while I was pregnant. Maybe then you will better understand why I was miserable until I got these items.

It does not matter whether you are smaller or bigger than I was.

The pregnancy pillow is so great, that I did not want to stop sleeping with it because it was so comfortable.

Pregnancy can be wonderful and is rewarding.

It can also become a heavy weight on woman before the child makes it into the world. To all you moms out there, don’t stress and just try to relax.

Everything will work out and get done before your little one makes their way into this world.


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