Best Product To Use On Logs


When we originally bought our home, we were mesmerized by the thought of owning a log cabin.

Log cabins are a beautiful homes to live in, so you need the best product to use on logs.

They do require a lot of work to keep them up.

We originally had no idea about the amount of work was needed nor did we know that there are multiple types of log cain homes.

For example, my friend’s family has a log cabin, but the inside of the house had regular wooden board up the walls, which is so pretty, but our log home is log on the outside and the inside.

Finding What Works

I spent so much of my time researching how to clean these walls when we first moved in.

I tried so many different applicators beginning with rags.

Unfortunately, the logs are so rough they rip most applicators or won’t let you seriously scrub it.

After months of trying different stuff, my walls still were covered in stuck dirt, dust, and grime. I finally found something that actually works well for this type of surface.

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Then I came to realize that there might be others out there that are out looking for help finding the right solution to their walls.

Now depending on the height of your walls you can use any smaller applicator than I use. I went to Walmart and bought a car wash brush. I know that seems a bit extreme, but our house has vaulted ceilings. It was so much easier to use this and extend it when needed than to get a ladder and constantly move it around.

The product that I will forever rave about also came from Walmart. Walmart is the closest store to me, but I am positive this is carried in most places.

I bought Murphy’s Oil Soap and put it in a big spray bottle to help coat my logs.

I used two bottles of the oil soap.

I applied it on my walls and redid the application. I redid it to make sure it got it all off from where the previous owners never cleaned the walls.

In Conclusion

Murphy’s Oil Soap worked like a charm for my house and will be used continuously in the years to come.

I hope this helps you out in your search to try to clean the house.

All cabins are beautiful, it just depends on how much effort the owners are willing to put into its upkeep. Pictures below if you would like to see the outside of our log home.

Oh and don’t forget to seal your cabins every so often.

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