Baby’s 1st Halloween Costume Ideas: DIY

A babies first holiday is a special moment.

They look so cute in every holiday theme.

When it comes to Halloween you have the cute pumpkin outfits, but there is also the actual dress up on Halloween night.

Why not DIY your baby’s 1st Halloween costume?

Some people decide not to celebrate this holiday while others do. If you decide to celebrate it, there are endless costume ideas out there.

Halloween Baby Costume Problems


I came into a problem from living in a small town.

We did not have many options when it came to costume shopping.

None of our stores carried many options for little babies.

My little boy was only 3 months old when it became October.

My nephew was also the same age as my boy for his 1st Halloween.

Most of the costumes around here ended up not fitting either of our boys.

That is when we decided to get creative with their costumes.

Creating The Halloween Costumes: DIY

We browsed through Pinterest looking for ideas of good costumes we could create.

I am the artistic one, so I did both costumes for the boys.

I decided on a cow outfit for my son. My sister chose her son to be an inmate.

Both ideas got us really excited, so we went and got everything we needed to create them.

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For the inmate costume, we bought an orange onesie to start off. We picked up some black and red sharpies. Then a white paint marker.

For the cow costume, we got lucky and found an actual cow outfit in Dirt Cheap. If we would not have found this we were going to get a white onesie and a white baby hat. Then we would have picked up some sharpies and a stuffed animal that had horns.

  • MAKE SURE to start this early it will take a day or two to completely dry!
  • If you need help planning your baby’s 1st Birthday then check out my other post:

To start working on my nephew’s costume, I found a picture to base my design on.

Both costumes will be posted at the end for a reference.

I begin to write it all out with a sharpie. I then filled in the details with the white paint marker. I left it to dry for 2 days.

My son’s ended up easier because we did not have to actually build his costume. I did get a piece of cardboard from a delivery box and wrote on it with a sharpie for his outfit.

His outfit was ready in about 30 minutes.

Baby’s DIY Costume Finished Work

Both outfits were cheap to make and definitely did not take much time to put together.

The biggest time consumer of the costumes was making sure they were dry.

I hope this helps you gather ideas for your baby’s 1st Halloween costume.

I definitely recommend doing a DIY costume. It made it memorable for me knowing that I had made it for them.


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