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About Me

I am an educator, life coach, author and influencer.

First & Foremost, I am a mother.

For years, I have helped others with personal and romantic struggles. I spend most of my time with my kids and husband at our log cabin in the woods. Home Maid Living is for my love of organizing, cleaning, & helping others. My passion is driven from years of trying to find that right advice, tips, and tricks for my family and house. Now, I can share it with y’all. I love kids and people, reach out to me on my contact form.

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About me
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How I can help you be happier

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One-on-One or Couples Counseling/Coaching

Need counseling? Whether it is for just you or you and your spouse, get that one on one time without having to leave the comfort of your home.

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Best-Selling Books

Books & E-Books are coming soon so stay tuned!

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Blogging Courses

Start from scratch or help improve your current blog by going through my blog course!

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To figure out if you should go for coaching, ask yourself if you are satisfied with your life currently.

Ready To Transform Your Relationship?

  • Do you ever feel stuck in a relationship?
  • Do you have resentments against someone?

What is Home Maid Living’s All About

Home Maid Living was created for helping others. In my life, I received little to no advice and struggled when it came to raising a family. I searched and looked all over the internet every day for any help and advice for almost everything.

As I grew I learned more on my own than anything. That is when I decided to start Home Maid Living to help others get the advice and tips faster, instead of the hard way.

Everything on Home Maid Living is tailored to help you have an easier time managing you house, relationships, and a work from home career path.

Feel free to use my contact page to give ideas on what you would like to see!

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