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A Successful Blogging Content Strategy

Everyone loves to make money right? But who wants to maximize the amount they make by using a Blogging Content Strategy. This way you will Get the most out of the effort and work you’re putting into it. With these exercises you’ll know exactly how to start a successful blog before the end.

A blog is rewarding for sure, but it does take work and effort into making it to that point.

How This Strategy Can Change Your Blog

When I first began I was clueless on figuring out how to exactly maximize my profits to its full potential. It doesn’t matter how long you have been writing or blogging. All that matters to make a profit is that you are contributing your efforts in the right manner.

how to start a successful blog, blogging content strategy
Blogging Gives You More Time With Your Family & Kids!

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I was like this not long ago. I was writing my heart out, but wasn’t getting the profit I thought I would. If you are anything like this, then you need to follow these tips. I will go through a small exercise in this post to truly help you see where to redirect your efforts to. This can work on any blogging niche. Just go through this with me and you will be amazed. You are welcome to get some paper to write it down to remember the answers you come up with to my questions.

Blogging Content Strategy: The Exercises

1. Picture your ideal reader.

It may sound bizarre to do but try it for a moment. Stop and think of some posts you have written and picture who you feel would be reading it. Keep that person in mind.

2. Go Deeper Into Your Reader.

Now that you have a general Idea of who you want to be reading your posts go into depth. Give this pictured person a name, age, career, hobbies, whatever you would like. Go as deep as much as you would like.

3. Picture yourself as that person and ask yourself, what is the problem?

Why are they coming to your site? What problem do they need help solving?  Asking this can help narrow into what content you should be focusing towards. If your blog is about being a mom, find a source of forums of moms to see what problems they are having. Find what content you can share and give a new or different perspective on.

4.What information can you give them that they don’t have?

In this sense, you are needing to find the solution to their problems. A lot of writing comes with research. I used to hate researching in school, but it is a great way to gather information. Research is key when it comes to blogging. Without researching and putting your time into the work before writing, you will not have a good and solid foundation.

5.How will this maximize your profit?

This is easy, targeting the reader is a main goal for a blogger. You want to them to stop and read and get the information they were looking for so they will come back or even subscribe.

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This exercise may seem silly, but look back at this exercise and your answers.

They will actually help. To get any kind of profit you have to be successfully solving your readers problems.

The Strategy: Will Grow You Site As Well

They need to grow a relationship with you in a sense. Whether its ads, affiliate marketing, or selling your own products, they all require loyal readers.

Any niche can make money.

Like I will say a million times, it is all about where you’re putting your effort.

If you are putting all of your effort into advertising and writing and that’s it, you will not make a very good profit. Use affiliate marketing as well. Start here today!

A blog is just like any other business out there. To become successful you must first grow your following. Even the top businesses out there started out as a nobody in the beginning. If you think smart and try to walk in your readers shoes you will have the best quality posts and a dedicated following .

Finding Those Hot Topics

You can use anything to find out about the biggest interests people are asking and talking about. A few places to find these are places like searching “whatever you’re interested in writing” forum on google to see what is popular. Another place would be to search ideas on Facebook and get a feel for what people are wanting to know.

There are many more exercises to better your mindset and get you one the right track to expanding your profit. Subscribe to see More!

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